Foot Rash – Contact Dermatitis

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Skin Care

Our feet are subject to our everyday lives. Whether they are abused by how much we are on them or what we wear, the amount of stress they are put through cannot be ignored. Regardless of what we put them through, they seem to adapt to all different terrain, shoe gear and stress. Now imagine you notice a new red, itchy and painful rash that has developed on your feet. This new onset of symptoms came after going for a hike in a new pair of hiking boots. Contact dermatitis is a skin condition that may be the culprit of a new rash.

Contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction when the skin is introduced to a substance that causes inflammatory symptoms to the skin. There are an array of materials that can cause contact dermatitis: common culprits are poison ivy, nickel (jewelry), or substances used in fabricating socks and shoes.

Symptoms will present with a rash that may be patchy. The location of the rash will be confined to the point of contact. For example, if it is a sock that is the irritant, a rash will develop over all areas that the sock came in contact with.  The reaction may progress to swelling and can become crusty. This rash may develop on the first or subsequent exposures depending on the source.

Treatment for this condition is based on supportive care. The injury has already happened so the first and most important step is the remove the offending agent. This may be tricky because it is sometimes hard to deduce what causes the rash in the first place. Think about new shoes, socks, lotion or jewelry. Additionally, the rash may be treated with topical medicine or soaks to help prevent further damage or infection due to the vulnerability of the skin.

Seeking appropriate care is crucial as these signs and symptoms are not exclusive to contact dermatitis and other skin disorders may present similarly. If you notice any skin changes or are concerned about your foot health contact us @ 721-4007 or @