Holiday Foot Blog: Stockings

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Fun Facts

Holiday Foot Blog: Stockings

Where did the tradition of leaving stockings (or socks) hanging, to be filled with presents?  Saint Nicholas, an early Christian saint, was known to secretly leave gifts and presents, thus thought to be the basis for the Dutch Sinterklaas and the more modern Santa Claus.  Everyone knows the line from the poem A Visit from Saint Nicholas:

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.”

Many of these traditions began in Europe and had variations between countries, but the general theme was stockings or socks would be hung (or shoes/boots left out) on Christmas Eve in anticipation of Santa Claus filling them with gifts, commonly small toys, candy, fruit, or coins (I don’t think today’s children would think of fruit as a ‘gift,’ just saying).   Eventually the tradition transitioned from using ordinary daily stockings or socks (hope they washed them first) to decorate stockings specifically designed for Christmas.

So hang your hosiery with care and I hope for them to be filled on Christmas morning!

Dr. G’s tips:

#1 Do not skimp on filling your wife’s stocking!

#2 Warm stockings make great gifts this time of the year.

#3 Keep your feet warm and dry during outdoor activities (even shopping while walking and navigating through slushy and snowy parking lots) to avoid potential frost bite.