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January/February 2021

Don’t Forget To Take Better Care Of Your Feet This Year

November/December 2020

Don’t Let Indoor Running Ruin Your Feet This Winter

September/October 2020

Don’t Let Preventable Falls Ruin Your Autumn Plans!

July/August 2020

Don’t Let Summer Be Derailed by Foot Pain!

May/June 2020

Don’t Neglect Your Foot Care (Even Now)

March/April 2020

Give Your Feet Some Love Before Spring

January/February 2020

Put Your Best Foot Forward in 2020!

November/December 2019

Take a Breath, then Take a Look at Our November-December Newsletter!

September/October 2019

Summer is coming to a close and our fall newsletter is packed full of great information to make the most of it!

July/August 2019

Make the most of your summer by keeping your feet and ankles free of trouble! Our newsletter features some great tips for enjoying the season safely.

May/June 2019

Our May-June 2019 Newsletter edition is packed with great information, and you won’t want to miss out!

March/April 2019

Your Achilles tendon, which connects your heel bone to your calf muscles, is the largest tendon in your body. It’s built to take a lot of force, but it’s far from invincible.

January/February 2019

Happy New Year! The Jan/Feb issue of the Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic newsletter includes tips on buying winter boots, foot and ankle exercises, and first aid for ankle sprains.

November/December 2018

November is Diabetes Awareness month! Take some time to learn about how diabetes affects your feet and lower extremities, along with other winter woes, like cracked heels (or otherwise dry feet) and fungal nails. Stay safe over the holiday season – Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it!

September/October 2018

Fall is such a beautiful season! The air is crisp and the leaves are on full color display – a great time to take a stroll. Just be careful, especially our older loved ones may not be as steady on their feet as they once used to be. Learn more about Dr. Neibauer’s tips on fall prevention.

July/August 2018

Summer is a great time to get out and have fun, but don’t let problems like gout flares and plantar fasciitis get in your way. Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic has tips to keep foot pain at bay!

May/June 2018

In the latest newsletter from Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic, Dr. Gregg Neibauer shatters some common wart myths, shares how to prevent overuse injuries, AND lets you know how you can win a new Fitbit Charge 2!

March/April 2018

Dr. Gregg Neibauer discusses an array of interesting and helpful topics – including the source of that pain in the front of your foot and how to keep feet happy at work!

January/February 2018

In this month’s newsletter you’ll find tips to help Foot Pain get off your nerves, how to increase activity around your home, and the best practices to take care of Fungal Toenails.

November/December 2017

Dr. Gregg Neibauer has valuable tips in his newsletter to keep your feet healthy and safe as we gear up for winter.

September/October 2017

Watch out for turf toe and other common fall injuries! With everyone headed back to school, it’s time to really keep an eye on those student athletes! In this edition, we also have helpful tips for packing healthy lunches and more!

July/August 2017

Discover tips on keeping heels healthy and summer feet safe and strong. Try a soothing foot soak recipe, learn about buddy taping, and more!

May/June 2017

Inside this edition, you’ll find all kinds of healthy habits to make your summer happy! From tips to get a better night’s sleep to managing your neuropathy symptoms at home and involving your kids in your exercise routine, this issue is full of great ideas and advice! You’ll also learn what’s really behind your bunion, what the wear on your shoes say about you, and more, so don’t miss it!

March/April 2017

If you want to have a healthy, happy spring, we recommend reading this edition! It’s full of tips to avoid basketball injuries, correct overpronation, and beat bursitis pain. You’ll also get the pros and cons of rain boots, find out the benefits behind finishing those green veggies on your plate, and more! So, you’d better put this issue on your must-read list soon!

January/February 2017

Need help keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Check out this edition! There are tips to help you quit smoking, stop foot odor, and stay positive while recovering from surgery. You’ll also find a delicious soup recipe, all sorts of facts about Lisfranc fractures, plus a whole lot more! It’s everything you need to start your year out great, so be sure to read this issue today!

November/December 2016

Football season is in full swing and those unfortunately on the injured list are messing up a whole lot of fantasy football teams! From ankle sprains to turf toe to stress fractures, there are a number of common football injuries that can keep players on the sidelines, but can the type of field they’re playing on be to blame? It’s time to huddle up and kick off a conversation about the age old rivalry: turf vs grass.

September/October Newsletter 2016

With the kids back at school, now’s the perfect time to check out our tips for creating a great study space, inside this edition. You’ll also learn how to tell the difference between toe deformities, how to spot signs of skin cancer, and how orthotics can help you. Is it better to keep your nose to the grindstone or take a break now and then? You can find that out, too, inside this issue! 

July/August Newsletter 2016

Inside this edition, you can learn all sorts of ways to keep feet strong, and healthy all summer long! From tips on dealing with shin splints and pinched nerves, to information on low-impact activities, stretches for your feet, delicious blueberry ideas, and more, this issue is packed with helpful hints, so check it out today!

March/April Newsletter 2016

Find out all the reasons you should make walking a regular habit in the latest edition of our newsletter! You can also learn about the effects of Morton’s neuroma and what to do if your child shows a tendency for intoeing. And last but not least, introduce yourself to the many pets of Alpine Foot and Ankle Clinic’s staff!

January/February Newsletter 2016

The secret to a happy and healthy New Year? Read our latest edition! It’s full of helpful tips on everything from avoiding stress fractures to keeping your balance. Learn how our DIOWAVE laser can get your toenails looking great in time for sandal weather, and discover a bedtime routine that can keep diabetic feet safe. You can also order our free books, try a delicious Super Bowl recipe, and more.

November/December Newsletter 2015

Our latest issue is full of helpful and healthy tips! Find out what to do about sesamoiditis, how to perform a diabetic self-foot exam, and even the best way to store those Thanksgiving leftovers! You’ll also learn about hereditary foot conditions and how you can avoid them, plus there’s a delicious recipe for you to try! It’s all inside this month’s newsletter—so make sure you don’t miss it!

September/October Newsletter 2015

Check out the latest edition of our newsletter for tips on fitting a workout into your busy day, treating a puncture wound, and what you can do to avoid Achilles tendon troubles. Find out what our feature interview is all about (hint: it has to do with Fall Prevention Month!), and learn how you can get a free copy of our book on foot and ankle health. It’s all inside this issue, so be sure to read it today!

July/August 2015

Inside this edition you can read all about the latest trend in barefoot running, and learn some fun water exercises to do while cooling off on a hot, summer day. You can also find out how to spot the signs of neuropathy and what you can do to help your hammertoes, too. It’s a must read while you wrap up your summer, so take a look today!

May/June 2015 Newsletter

Learn how to find the right size bike; how your running style affects your performance; how to find the perfect sandals; and how to protect your feet from the summer sun. It’s all inside our latest edition. Plus, all you moms-to-be out there, get some valuable tips on caring for your feet during pregnancy.

March/April 2015 Newsletter

Tips for running in the rain, does the weather cause arthritis pain, and what to do when a sprain during a game stops your charge down the lane! Okay, so we may not be the best poets, but we do have great information on these matters plus more.

January/February 2015 Newsletter

What’s the best way to prepare for surgery and recovery? When is the best time to begin laser treatment for fungal toenails? Sometimes timing is everything!

November/December 2014 Newsletter

We honor National Diabetes Month and receive tips from Jennifer Troupe, program coordinator for the Providence St. Patrick Hospital Diabetes Care & Prevention Center. We also offer advice on keeping your feet healthy and comfy during the holiday rush!

September/October 2014 Newsletter

We discuss finding the right foot equipment for your sporting child, advice for shoe shopping both in-store and on Kickstarter, and taking care of fungal toenails. We even throw in a recipe for baked ham and cheese party sandwiches for your next tailgate party!

July/August 2014 Newsletter

Summertime, and the swimming is easy! Cross-training in the water is a great way to help prevent overuse injuries to your feet and ankles. Also featured: advice on flip-flops and laser therapy for chronic pain.

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