Is the Bump on my Foot a Cyst?

by | Apr 17, 2017 | General Foot Care

Is that bump on your foot a cyst?

 The weather is finally turning and the trees are starting to bud. Springtime in Montana is usually a long-awaited break from the past winter. With nicer weather comes a change in shoe gear. As we start to become more active outside including hiking or gearing up for the summer months at the lake or on the river, a common concern that patients have is a bump that has formed on the top of their foot. This bump may be painful, soft, hard or somewhere in between. Regardless of the size, this typically raises enough concern to seek medical care.

When someone comes into the office with a bump on the top of their foot the first step is to decide whether it is coming from the bone or soft tissue. This initial determination by the doctor will help guide treatment and educate you, the patient. Today we are going to talk about a soft tissue bump or commonly referred to as a cyst.

There are different types of cysts, the most common cyst the top of the foot is known as a ganglion. These cysts usually communicate with a joint or tendon sheath and may be due from a traumatic etiology.  Another common cyst that occurs on toes, and tends to look like a small bubble, is a mucoid cyst.

Common characteristics of a cyst

  • Variable size
  • Located on the top of the foot or around the outer ankle
  • Fluid filled
  • Skin is freely movable
  • Transilluminates
  • Reoccurs frequently

Typically, the cyst lies in a location that is not only bothersome but difficult to wear shoes. Conservative treatment may consist of draining the cyst or injecting medicine to help shrink the cyst. It is not uncommon after draining the cyst for it to reoccur. Surgery is reserved after conservative care fails. The entirety of the cyst is removed and the skin is closed with stitches.

A cyst or bump on the top of your foot can be both bothersome and concerning. We are here to help identify the problem and treat it as painlessly as possible.  Give us a call @ 721-4007 or contact us @