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What are Shin Splints?

What are shin splints? The New Year brings new activities and resolutions. Weight-loss by becoming more active is a common resolution to start the New Year. With new activities comes new stress on your muscles, bones and joints. Although exercise is extremely...

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Frostbite There has been an extended cold snap lately and with that comes the potential for frostbite, which often affects the toes.  With the winter in full swing, keeping warm is a high priority. We all take measures to protect ourselves when we venture out onto the...

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Holiday Foot Blog: Stockings

Holiday Foot Blog: Stockings Where did the tradition of leaving stockings (or socks) hanging, to be filled with presents?  Saint Nicholas, an early Christian saint, was known to secretly leave gifts and presents, thus thought to be the basis for the Dutch Sinterklaas...

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Holiday Foot Blog: Mistletoe

Holiday Foot Blog: Mistletoe Yeah, this is an obvious one!  We have all heard of mistletoe and what you are supposed to do when under it, but what kind of a plant is it and how did the holiday traditions begin? First, the plant: Mistletoe is a parasitic plant, meaning...

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Ankle Injuries: Fracture or Sprain?

Ankle Injuries: Fracture or Sprain? Ankle injuries are quite common, but many times there is a question if the injury is just a sprain or a fracture.  You may think I don’t want to go to the doctor if it is just a sprain, but I want to make sure it is not broken. ...

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Minimalist Running Shoes

Western Montana is a great spot for activity including hiking, sports, running, and any thing you can imagine outdoors. Having adequate footwear for these activities is very important. Many people have tried or heard of minimalist, or very flexible, athletic shoes. ...

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