Custom Orthotic FAQs

Can orthotics help with bunion pain?

While orthotics alone are unable to correct a bunion deformity, there is plenty they may be able to do to relieve pain and help keep the condition from worsening. A custom-made insert can help correct uneven contact caused by an abnormal foot shape. By properly distributing pressure across the foot, less stress can be placed on the joint of the big toe. This can cause less pain, less wear, and slow or even stop the progression of the bunion. Ideally, use of an orthotic device is recommended as soon as possible to help keep an already present condition from worsening.

Even if surgery has already been performed to correct the joint, an orthotic device may still be helpful in preventing the condition from returning (yes, this is unfortunately possible).

If you suffer from pain due to a toe deformity, schedule an appointment with Dr. Gregg Neibauer at Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic. We can help you find the best ways to find relief and keep the problem from worsening. Call us at (406) 721-4007 to take the first step today.

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