Skin Care FAQs

How can I prevent my heels from cracking?

Preventing cracked heels is a matter of keeping the skin of your feet moisturized as well as removing what already dried skin may be there. One home treatment that might prove effective involves soaking the feet in warm (not hot!) water for 15-20 minutes. Once softened, gently scrub your dry heels with a pumice stone, being careful not to make any cracked areas worse. Rinse your feet, gently pat them dry, then apply a thick moisturizer such as foot cream or salve. Wear a pair of old wool socks over your feet and wear them to bed to help seal moisture in.

Please note that this treatment is not recommended for everyone, and that those who live with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy should avoid the use of a pumice stone unless cleared to do so by a professional. Dr. Gregg Neibauer and the staff of Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic can help you determine the best remedies for your dry, cracked heels. Schedule an appointment with our Missoula, MT office by calling (406) 721-4007.

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