Wart FAQs

How can I prevent warts?

There are, unfortunately, no magic formulas or remedies that will help you fully prevent warts. While there is no perfect immunity to an infection, there are actions you can take to reduce your risk of exposure to the virus that causes an outbreak.

As might be expected, what you touch plays a crucial role. Avoid touching any warts directly, and do not share materials that touch other people’s skin such as towels, socks, and shoes. Even if someone has no visible warts, they might still be carrying the virus.

Warm, damp public areas such as swimming pools and locker rooms are also high-risk areas for exposure to warts, so make sure to wear shower shoes when moving about these places.

Finally, keep your feet clean and dry (sock choices help with this) and avoid injuries or irritations to your skin—especially on the soles. The virus can invade more easily if the skin is broken.

For more advice on wart prevention, or for help with wart treatment, contact Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic at (406) 721-4007. Our Missoula podiatrist, Dr. Gregg Neibauer, will be happy to help.

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