National Diabetes Month – November

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Diabetic Foot Care

November is American Diabetes Month

Did you know that 29 million Americans have diabetes?  That’s 1 in 11 people-most of us have a family member or close friend who has the disease.  The American Diabetes Association provides more sobering statistics: 86 million Americans are at risk for diabetes and there is a new diabetes diagnosis every 23 seconds.  Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States and causes more deaths than AIDS and breast cancer combined.

At Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic, we treat many patients with diabetes.  There are very serious complications that can occur to the feet due to this chronic disease: wounds, infections, and amputations.  Fortunately, most of these complications can be prevented through education regarding appropriate foot health as well as regular preventative foot exams.  A CDFE (Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam) is a critical tool we utilize to determine the potential risk level for our patients and is recommended to be performed at least annually.

During a CDFE, many systems that affect general foot health are checked, including blood flow, nerve function (sensation), skin quality, and foot structure (bones, joints, and tendons).  The information derived from this exam is then used to make appropriate treatment recommendations (such as diabetic shoes) and also to make the patient aware of any problems and educate them.  Unfortunately, this exam is not typically done at their regular doctor’s appointments, probably due to lack of time.  Because it is so important to have this exam done, we are striving to increase awareness regarding this exam so patients remember to schedule their exams, but also sharing with friends and families who have diabetes.

In our efforts to educate our patients as well as the general public regarding diabetic foot health, we have created a book, Save Your Soles: A Guide to Diabetic Feet-you may request a free copy on this website.  Remember, most diabetic foot complications can be prevented.  We at Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic are the experts in preventing diabetic foot complications-let us help you or a loved one avoid potentially serious diabetic foot complications.  Call us at 721-4007.