Skin Care

Why It's Important for Your Feet

The skin is already a hard-working and largely under-appreciated organ, protecting our bodies from all sorts of nasty invaders and dangers. One of the toughest areas for our skin to work is on the feet, and it’s easy to see why when you think about it. Our feet are in almost constant contact with something else in the environment, whether they touch the floor or ground or are shoved into shoes and socks. These circumstances can open the way for a number of foot skin conditions, which is why providing and managing proper skin care can be so important.

Lumps, Bumps, and Rough Patches

Friction, fungi, infections, and other misfortunes can cause a variety of unsightly and/or painful conditions on the skin of our feet. Below are a few examples of the kinds of problems we see:

Athlete’s Foot – Known to creep around locker rooms, pools, and other warm, humid places with lots of public contact with bare feet, athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that can cause itching, redness, blisters and peeling. Quick diagnosis of this condition is important to providing easier and more effective treatment.

Dry or Cracked Skin – The skin of your feet can become dry and hard, most commonly around the heels. This can lead to cracking, also known as fissures, which are not only painful but also increase the risk of infection.

Corns and Calluses – These two conditions are often grouped together because they’re both caused by friction and pressure. They are often caused by poorly fitting shoes, but there may be other underlying causes.

Blisters – Another result of friction on the foot, a blister is a small, fluid-filled bubble that forms as the body’s attempt to cushion and protect itself. If blisters are a consistent problem, it is worth looking into what may be rubbing against the feet.

Plantar Warts – An often stubborn and contagious viral infection, it causes rough growths to form on the sole of the foot. Warts in themselves do not pose much danger, but they can be bothersome, unsightly, and sometimes even painful to walk on. They can also be contagious. We can discuss different therapies with you to get rid of your warts, if needed.

Skin Care for Your Feet in Missoula, MT

The best way to take care of foot skin conditions is to keep them from happening in the first place. Take care of your feet by wearing comfortable shoes that fit properly, avoiding situations that can dry out your feet (moisturizing regularly if needed), and wearing protective footwear in places where fungi and bacteria like to grow.

If skin problems do arise, you can rely on the expert care at Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic to help you find a solution. Whether it’s clearing up unsightly warts or corns, or treating the pain of blisters or athlete’s foot, Dr. Gregg Neibauer can get to the root of the problem and suggest the best ways to prevent the issues from coming back. Schedule an appointment with our Missoula, MT office by calling (406) 721-4007, and give your skin the support it deserves.

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